Monday, June 20, 2011

The Do's and Don't of Summer

In honor of tomorrow being the first official day of summer at 1:16 P.M.....I thought this article I saw in my local paper over the weekend was fitting!

One of my favorite lines from the author, Georgea Kovanis, was "While there's something to be said for the luxury of spending days in shorts and T-shirts at the cottage or on staycation, there's a big difference between enjoying the freedom of summer and being a complete slob. Some things--tube tops, bike shorts on people who are not actively engaged in riding a bicycle, Speedos for men, and super short-shorts on anyone other than Wonder Woman--are just unacceptable"

So true! Just because it's hot out doesn't mean that you should let it all hang out.  So here are the Do's and Don't of Summer!

1. DO take care of your feet!
If you're going to wear sandals, make sure your feet are clean and presentable. Invest in a professional pedicure because no one wants to see your raggedy nails. If you can't afford professional pedicures, do yourself a favor and buy a foot file for a couple dollars and keep it in your shower and use it daily to exfoliate.

2. DON'T wear pantyhose with sandals

as you can see..a big fashion faux pas. If your office requires them, then forgo the strappy shoes or if you think your legs are too white to pull off a skirt without them, invest in some self tanner.

3. DO exfoliate and moisturize your legs
If you're going to show em..them make them look nice. There's nothing worse than dry flaky looking legs. You can make your own exfoliating scrub at home by taking 2 tbsp of oil and mixing 1 tbsp of brown sugar or sea salt.

4.  DO Keep flip flops at the beach
Flip Flops are not a substitute for shoes and are the absolute most casual foot wear you can wear. It's one step away from being barefoot.

5. DO wear a bra at all times
very few women look good when they're not wearing a bra. (Amen!) As Oprah says, the best make over a woman can have is a good fitting bra and some hair dye! A big no no is wearing summery dresses and going sans bra. Invest in a good convertible or strapless bra.

6. DON'T forget to keep it classy
 Just because it's hot doesn't mean to have to dress skimpy. Summertime doesn't mean showing as much skin as possible.

photo courtesy of

7. DO add color to your wardrobe
whites and neutrals are really big for this season, but be sure to add a pop of that universally flatters..coral.

Coral top from Banana Republic

So...I think this is a great list and agree with almost all of them. Maybe the only one I break is the flip flop rule. I do wear flip flops out when I'm running errands etc. Although I do think people take it to a new level when they wear the flimsy thin ones for way too long past their shelf life.

So, get yourself a pedicure, a good convertible bra, and a pop of color and enjoy the first day of summer!


  1. I definitely break the flip flop rule! They are just so darn comfy!

    I agree about the "wear a bra" rule..I'm pretty small, and I still wear one and I see women 3 sizes larger than me just letting the girls hang out..scary!!!

  2. right on! and as i was reading, i thought the same thing- i love flip flops and think they look cute if they nice ones... i can't believe when i was younger i thought tube tops were cool :) ew, i would never bare midriff now.