Friday, June 24, 2011

My Current Summer Want List

Mr. Allan is probably chuckling to himself reading this title and wife's want list is never ending. But..a girl can want, can't she? In my house I can want and buy as long as I never ever use a credit card! It's the secret success to the financial part of our marriage and  keeping my shopaholic tendencies that sometimes get the best of me at bay.

So...I've been organizing my want list in my head all week, trying to figure out what's a must for summer and what can wait....

#1 Want...A maxi dress that doesn't require a strapless bra. I think of maxi dresses and how they're everywhere..they look so comfortable..but one thing that I need are straps that I can wear a normal bra under. Because...once you put on a strapless bra..the comfort of wearing a maxi dress will last me about 2 hours. So I found my Banana Republic..the stores are selling this in a blue and white print as well...the reviews are saying it's long so I'm hoping my 5 foot 8 amazon frame is just right for it. I'm already picturing all the fabulous dinners Mr. Allan can take me to as I wear this....

available at Banana Republic's constantly sold out online to the point where they remove it from the dress category!

#2. A new purse. Mine is something like 8 or 9 months old. Doesn't sound too bad, but when I buy a new one that I really really really like, I use it daily, hardly every swap it out, and wear it to death. I love this Cynthia Rowley bag that I have.'s seen better days as the tassels are falling off and the handle is practically changing color on me at this point. While I'd like to go out and spend $300 or $400 on a fancy new bag, I'm trying to be economically responsible and decided I need a Longchamp bag..the comes in lots of bright cute colors and is a steal at $98...well at least compared to the others I was looking at!
Longchamp Mini Tote available at Nordstroms

#4..I need a back up pair of sunnies...I love the ones I have now but need a back up pair to alternate with so I don't wear my favorite ones I feel like I need a pair of aviators. They're on Nordstrom's list of the top ten trends for this summer, so I'm using that as a sign that a pair is a necessity. Ray Ban seems to be the way to go.

#5...Stripes are everywhere. I was always against the horizontal stripe for fear it would make me look wide..but I love the blue and white I want to be a sailor looks...a touch of nautical is where it's at this summer

the short sleeve Row Boat dress from JCREW

I grabbed this for our weekend trip and was surprised at how much I loved it...super comfortable, provided just a little something to throw over an outfit.

Long Sleeved Cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft

I also own this cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft..maybe not so nautical with the grey and white stripes but I love this stupid thing. The picture off their website doesn't do it much justice...

Here it is in person...and it's on sale for $34.99 plus the Loft is having a sale with an EXTRA 40% off sale..what a steal!

#6 Want....a nice, clean lined, tailored, button up shirt. I love the classic look of a woman in a nice crisp button up shirt. I seldom wear them for work because I fear I'll be sweating with so it layered under a suit..mostly because I run around family court like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time. I usually can't find one long enough where I can tuck it in and wear a nice pair of pants with a my hunt continues. I also love this look for a nice casual summer outfit...a nice pair of khaki short or capris and a crisp cotton button up.

classic button up from JCREW

These are my current wants...we'll see what next week brings!

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  1. I wish I could pull off the look of a maxi dress! They're so cute and comfy. I adore my rayban aviators, get them. ;)