Friday, June 10, 2011


The week after a short week involving a four day weekend is always rough for the nice 4 day work week from last week bit me in the butt this week. This seemed like the.longest.week.ever.

So I'm glad it's Friday and the weekend! So what's in store for me this weekend?

First off, I'm enjoying the fact that Mr. Allan is back home! Last night provided some horrible summer like storms for us in RI. Thunder so loud it was shaking our house! I had little cats with wide eyes sticking to my side last night as lighting lit up the sky. Mr. Allan was traveling...not the best weather..and proved for lots of delays for the poor guy resulting in cancelled flights and Mr. Allan getting fed up, renting a car, and driving all night to get back home. But..he's back in town to entertain his wife for the weekend and hopefully nap today while I'm at work to catch up on pulling an all nighter!

Here's a shot of what the sky looked like around 5:30pm last night New England..most will be watching Game 5 of the Stanley Cup ..hopefully the Bruins win yet another!

On's always the same morning routine for me...wake up, make coffee, feed the hungry cats, drink coffee, clean up after the cats, and then off to the gym for one of my favorite classes...Turbo Kick! Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can open our pool....while I love our yard...I'm sick of looking at the covered pool and can't wait to spend Saturday afternoons lounging by it!
Hopefully the weather on Saturday cooperates so we can meet some friends for dinner at a great local restaurant called the Matunuck Oyster Bar to eat some of these...

and sit out on the deck and enjoy the view

Hopefully Sunday will bring us nice weather to add some finishing touches to the garden and yard!

And..just so you have a really really good's a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge who I have a mad girl crush on. Here's a little bit of fabulous-ity to ensure you have a fabulous weekend!

Stepping out at the Ark dinner in a stunning nude gown

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Be sure to link up with Jen  HERE


  1. Woah, those clouds look scary! And that pool deck looks AWESOME. Haha

  2. Um I LOVE your pool/deck! Awesome!

    I <3 the Duchess haha