Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Is it really Wednesday already? Gotta love extra long weekends!!!

So what am I loving this Wednesday??

I love that it's BBQ season! I love to grill..from veggies on the grill, to grilled sweet potatoes, to grilled fruit. I love that it's such a healthy way to cook

My grilling obsession...sweet potatoes!

I'm also loving that the Bachelorette is back on. I'm an admitted bad reality show junkie. I must admit..I didn't really like Ashley last season..she kind of annoyed me. But, I watched the first show of her Bachelorette season and I'm sucked in and need to tune in just to see who wins. But...seriously, ABC, these 2 hour episodes are killing me. Thank GOD for Tivo!

I'm also loving this thing

It's the best friend during spring when our cats start to shed and I vacuum multiple times a week. Now that the deck is powerwashed and stained and the furniture is was time to have our first serious furmination session this year. We need to do it outside..well, because this is what we got off our 3 cats...2 of which are shorthaired.

I'm also loving this movie we saw this past good, so funny..if you liked the first'll like the second one. The only thing that ruined it for me were the people in front of us who brought their kids who were around 8 or 9 years old and booed and hissed at every nude scene or really crude humor..which, come on, was the WHOLE movie!

I'm also loving the new cover of Vanity Fair...can't wait to grab it to continue with my Royal Wedding Kate Middleton obsession!
 some highlights of the article that were released....

The couple got to watch their own wedding coverage on TV in between parties:
“It was just the two of them, and they were so excited to actually see it on the television. Harry joined them afterwards, and they were all in high spirits. They were laughing when the cameras panned onto little Grace on the balcony, and William was saying, ‘Poor Grace, she looks terrified!’”

Kate's father, Michael Middleton, when he realized that his daughter and Prince William were serious:
“I knew things were getting serious when I found a helicopter in my garden. I thought, Gosh, he must like my daughter. I did wonder then how William was going to top this if they ever got engaged.”

On the honeymoon:
“William wanted the honeymoon to be a secret…. By going back to work before leaving for their honeymoon, they were able to escape. It was a deliberate decoy.”

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  1. If anyone has seen the first Hangover, they would know NOT to bring kids to the second! OMG, ridiculous

  2. I hate when parents bring their kids to R-rated movies!

    Ditto on the Furminator - it is my best friend these days!

  3. Okay it seems we love a lot of the same things! I love that its BBQ season, I love The Bachelorette, I loved the Hangover II! I will def be buying that issue of Vanity Fair!!

  4. Grilling is the way to go. That's all we do once warm weather gets around. I also love the fact that it is healthier!!!

  5. I love grilling too! I want to see the Hangover II.

  6. I love grilled fruit and I am so sucked into The Bachelorette as well. It drives my husband crazy!!

  7. I've heard the most amazing thing about the furminator!! I think I'm finally convinced! I'm also so into grilling fruit--I plan that out each day! :)

  8. CANT WAIT FOR THE VANITY FAIR!!! Love the post, so fun!