Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week is a shortened version of What I'm Loving Wednesday...mostly because there's a pile of work on my desk, multiple voicemails to return and I'm due in court in 15 minutes!!

But....there's one thing I've been loving this week that I had to pop in and write a quick post about! I'm not a huge app person. I have a few on my phone but find that I download them and never use them. This app, however, is different! I've been absolutely loving this!

I love reading this blog that helps identify what's healthy and what's not. A lot of what you think might be a healthy snack may have tons of sugar or other hidden chemicals and ingredients. The app allows you to scan a bar code. Fooducate will then grade the food for you. It will also convert some of the nutritional info into a more understandable form. For example, I scanned a Nature's Valley granola bar. It came up with a grade of a C. Mostly because the grams of sugar in it were the equivalent of 5 or 6 tsps of sugar. It's a little something to help keep you in check and might have some eye opening information for you! Check out the blog and website at for more information and interesting food tid bits! sure to hook up with What I'm Loving Wednesdays at


  1. This sounds like an app I'd love. I'm downloading it now! Thanks for suggesting it. :)

  2. OHHH that app sounds awesome. It's currently downloading on my phone. Good thing too, since I need to go grocery shopping.

  3. I'm the same as you about downloading apps and then never really using them! I'm glad not the only one haha! That one looks like it might be pretty useful though.
    Dropping by from WILW. :)