Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I talk about my cats a lot. Probably because they're the cutest best cats ever. I'd even be willing to admit I'm maybe even borderline crazy cat lady. Let's face it, Mr. Allan and I don't have kids and these 3 furry cats have been the center of our lives for the past 12 years

I know I always bitch and complain and go on and on about how Mr. Allan travels a ton. Our cats go berserk when his trips are more in the 5-7 day range vs. 2-3 days. They do weird stuff like run around the house like chickens with their heads cut off looking for him and scratching at all doors thinking I've got him hog tied in my car trunk. Or, sometimes they go on strike with me and ignore me for a couple days thinking it'll bring him back sooner. But, I've also noticed they've got some pretty cute habits as well.

Here's a story that will solidify my crazy cat lady status. When Mr. Allan goes away one of my favorite things to do is take pictures of the cats on my phone and send them to him. I like to think it's a little reminder of home and he knows how much we miss him..you may think I'm just crazy and just need a life.

Last night our cat, Annabelle, did her little ritual when he's away. She crawled into bed and she likes to sleep right smack on Mr. Allan's pillow (insert your awww here and then don't think I'm a huge scrub that lets the cats sleep on the sheets..they'll be changed before he's home so his head doesn't sleep in the same spot my cat's litter paws did). So, of course I snapped a picture of it!

I went to send it to Mr. Allan this morning since he worked an overnight and laughed a little when I found 4 other pictures of the same exact shot...don't crack on the cat pillowcases...1) my mom made them and 2) it's always good to have extra pillowcases..even if they're cat print

 and another...and you probably get the picture...

So, I've determined that  1) when Mr. Allan goes out of town I should probably make more of an effort to meet up with friends and get out of the house and 2) that it's probably about time to clean out the cell phone camera.

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