Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's been quiet around here lately....

My little blog has been suffering..because some big stuff has been going on in the Allan household...big stuff like weekend's full of bathroom fixture shopping for an upcoming remodel..good bye cobalt blue trim, crown molding, and chair rail...and adios to the previous owner's bang up job of flower stenciling on our wall. It's time to modernize our 80's bathroom that was renovated by the previous owners in 2006 and welcome a modern new one! (I'm BEYOND excited about this if you can't tell!!!!)

 I've been busy convincing Mr. Allan that carpet is the devil and our 3 bedroom's need hardwood floors as the next project lines up. I finally won my fight as I stated my reasons and a cat ran by us, bolted into the bedroom with WHITE carpet. and threw up in the middle of it. Thank god for the Bissell Pet Spot Bot that helps a little..although any pet owner should steer clear from white carpet!

So..bear with me..exciting stuff will be happening soon and maybe a little blog revamp too :) stay tuned!

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