Monday, May 14, 2012

Thanks for all the well wishes and emails! I was overwhelmed with the amount of emails and questions from some of my blog friends. It's also been funny to hear the stuff that people feel the need to tell you or ask you...a lot of stuff that kind of makes me raise an eyebrow or shoot a dirty look

So, here we go..

How far along are you? 14 1/2 weeks..its funny how you suddenly start to speak in week terms once you're pregnant. As a non pregnant lady for, well 33 years, I always thought why can't pregnant ladies just tell you I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant. So, I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant.

When are you due? November 10, 2012

Are you finding out the sex?  I say we don't know..but I'm probably the most impatient person in the world. I think the idea of my doctor knowing what baby Allan is and me enough to drive me crazy enough that I'll have to know..if that makes any sense!

How have you been feeling? I'm going to anoint this the most commonly asked question so far and the one I never go into detail about. Normally I just whip out a smile and say Good!. However, time to be real...I've felt like absolute crap up until a  week or 2 ago. Constant nausea, heartburn from hell, gagging while trying to brush my teeth, and wanted nothing to do with food. Then the absolute sheer exhaustion hit. The kind where I could barely get through a day of work without nodding off only to go home and take a full on 2 hour nap. I'm glad to say the nausea and indigestion have eased up and I'm down to probably a half hour hour if I work out. So, I feel like I'm over the hump and the magic of the second trimester has set in (hopefully as I knock on wood for no more nausea!!!)

What do you call the baby? I thought this was's been called a chicken nugget by my sister...and we went along with that for a week or so, but primarily we call the baby Junior. Mostly because Mr. Allan is DYING for a boy and is convinced it's a boy. Plus, my mom went to a psychic last year, or as we call it, the swarmy, and she said the first grandchild was a boy. So, Junior it is..but it won't really be one.

Do you have any names picked out?  Big no..we weren't ones who talked about our future kiddo's names all the time. We're still adjusting to the idea that there's a wee baby in my belly at this point. We will totally be the ones who will be hounded for what names we're tossing around and not have anything settled on til we see the kiddo and decide they look like a.....

Now, here's a list of all the questions/comments I've been asked that I thought were interesting..maybe even a little borderline nosey or inappropriate. Maybe it's me just being sensitive but when people open their mouths and this came out they got the infamous dirty look from me. I'm sure it probably gets worse the more visibly pregnant you are and people could add onto this list forever!

How long have you been trying? I don't ask you how many times a week you have why would you think this is a good question to ask? Plus you either get one end of the spectrum or the other...the annoying person who will let you know it was the first try or a big oops and tell you that their husband has super sperm that can swim like hell...or you're opening up a very delicate issue for the person on the other end of the spectrum. Plus...why is this really any of your business was what I really had to bite my tongue and not say. Just for the record. I've been asked this FOUR times in the past 6 days.

I knew you were pregnant, you totally have gained weight! The scale is up 1.4 lbs..but just a word to the wise..whether someone is 5 seconds pregnant or 5 months..never comment on their weight.

You? You're pregnant? I thought you hated kids? Now you're going to have one? I think I actually snorted very loudly after this comment was made. Yeah, for the most part, I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of other people's kids..but I'm hoping that I'll at least like my own.

My friend was pregnant and didn't touch caffeine, lunchmeat etc. The amount of unsolicited advice has been a plenty! I think it's great that your friend doesn't touch caffeine or lunchmeat..but I'll probably take the advice of my doctor over the advice of your friend.

Will you be breastfeeding? Maybe not the weirdest question...but a man I know from my job who's around 60 years old was the one that asked it. So, it falls into the weird category.

Are you going to turn into a mommy blogger now? Probably not..because I have no idea what the heck I'm I doubt I'll be offering too much mommy advice. My blog has been quiet lately..mostly because I haven't been cooking up a storm in the kitchen due to the fact that I've felt the need to throw up constantly for the past 2 months. But, I'm feeling better, started working out again, and cooking more meals. I hope to keep up with that stuff and not have a pregnancy overload over here.


  1. I hope you don't have anymore nausea!!
    Also, people are so rude and intrusive when it comes to pregnant women. It's no ones business about my weight gain or how I tried to get pregnant! Hang in there girl ;)

  2. Congratulations and glad to read you're feeling better! What happy, wonderful news to read!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. Love the question/answer! Isn't it wild how full of advice people become? Snort. Welcome to the adventure!