Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Becoming...Mommy Allan?

Needless to say...things around the Allan household just got a lot more interesting....because
Mr. Allan + Mrs. Allan + Baby Allan bun in the oven = a hysterical 6 more months ahead!

Those of you that know me can now grab a tissue because you're probably laughing so hard that your morning OJ or the soda you're drinking is probably coming out of your nose at this point. Sure, maternal, mom, nurturing child caregiver might not be the first words to describe me...I'm more known for giving the dirty side eye look to parents who think it's perfectly appropriate to bring their toddlers to restaurants who serve $30 entrees at 9 at night or the 8pm showing of a new movie at the this should be one hell of an interesting ride! So buckle your seat belts, folks..because I'm sure pregnant Mrs. Allan will be a treat to read about...and Mommy Allan will be just as hilarious as a ride!

So, we're officially out of the pregnancy closet...stop the whispering rumors that I quit the gym and am getting's bloat and a baby people!

But, in all was somewhat of a little road for us to get we're beyond excited to expand the Allan clan and give a shot at this thing they call parenthood!


  1. SOOOOOO EXCITED! Congratulations friend!

  2. Aww, congratulations!Parenthood is just as rough as everyone says it is but 10x more rewarding than anyone is willing to admit! Best of Luck to you and the Mr.!

  3. Congrats! Are you feeling good? How was the first trimester? I am almost 20 weeks and very excited to hear about your journey!