Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Come join in and see what everyone is loving on!

First up....

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Someone recommended this to me in passing..probably because I always have my Kindle on hand in case the action in the courtroom is moving super slow or if I have some down time or wait time for an appointment. All I can say is va va va voom! The main character, Christian Grey, is a mysterious, drop dead gorgeous, billionaire who sparks an interest in an ordinary college senior named Anastasia Steele. I loved the characters in this book...and even's book 1 of a trilogy. I'm about half way through the second book and love it just as much as the first one. I will warn you ..there are some well, let's just say explicit scenes in this book When I got to one of the parts, I blushed and tried to remember who it was that recommended this to me! A quick awesome read!

Also...a staple in our house...Udi's Gluten free granola. I was a yogurt hiatus for a while. But, I've eased back into having my plain fat free Chobani once or twice a week. I hate flavored yogurt. I'm sure there are some better brands on the market that use natural flavoring, but I read an article called The Anatomy of a Flavored Yogurt and was really shocked at the amount of chemicals and additives that a tiny thing of yogurt can have! So, I stick to plain and flavor it myself. The choice of flavoring has been a couple tablespoons of Udi's Gluten Free Granola.

Up next...Frederick Fekkai Gloss Cream. I'm a huge fan of the shampoo and conditioner as well, but I will not lie..this stuff is expensive! Sometimes I'll splurge other times I feel guilty unloading that amount of money on hair products. But, I do love the glossing cream! I straighten the crap out of my hair on a daily basis. I was a huge fan of Moroccan Oil but my hair just got too used to it. I love how soft and silky Fekkai Glossing Cream leaves my hair and when I don't want to unload $50 on shampoo and conditioner, I just appease myself with a little tube of the gloss cream...a little bit of this stuff tends to go a long way too!
I've been dying for a trip to mall lately. I've been trying to be good and curtail the retail therapy as we have some home remodeling to do and Mr. Allan is slowly in a need a new set of wheels. One thing I've been absolutely longing to do is hit the LUSH store! My favorite product that I'm missing...the Buffy Bar! It feels like a bar of soap but is filled with tiny particles of rice and almond that help buff away your dead skin and it leaves my normally dry skin so soft and silky. I finished my last one off about a month ago and my showers just aren't the same..and neither are my dry arms and legs either!
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  1. OH, we're loving that we're your 100th follower!!! Yippee! Your "what I'm loving Wednesday" just got a little sweeter and we're glad we found your blog! Off to read some of your other posts too!

    P.S., We think you'd also like See Beautiful.

    Lydia@See Beautiful

  2. I was wondering if I'd see fifty shades of grey on blogs! It's so racy, but I love it! I'm working my way through the third one right now. I also love Udis granola! The cranberry is my favorite!! :)

  3. thanks for all the great product recommendations! hope you have a great week :)