Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Reads...

Still plugging away on my Kindle reading more books than I ever have before. Often when I'm bored and feel like I've come to the end of the internet, I like to go on Amazon.com to see what other people are reading and what makes their best sellers of the day or week.

A couple good books that I've really enjoyed in the past few weeks...

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This book is about a girl named Hazel Grace who is battling cancer. It's a little bit of a love story between Hazel and a boy named Augustus Waters...another cancer survivor she meets a cancer support group. Kids, cancer...sounds sad...but it was a really good story and I enjoyed a young person's point of view about two such serious issues...cancer and love!


Homefront by Kristin Hannah

I see a lot of people walking around with books in the courthouses where I work. Mostly because justice does not move to swiftly and waiting to get into family court is the game of hurry up and get everything resolved and ready to go and then you wait. I had seen quite a few people carrying around books by Kristin Hannah. Just by the pictures and the name..I thought she might be a Jodi Piccoult/Nicholas Sparks type...while I do like both of those authors, I find it hard to differentiate between what books I've read by them...because they're all kind of the same thing slightly different plot.

So, I dove into Homefront. I must say, I really enjoyed the way the book flowed. I liked how things happened pretty quickly in the story line and enjoyed all the characters as well. Definitely a good read! I will be checking out some more of her books soon!

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