Sunday, May 16, 2010

What every woman needs...

I always thought I wore pretty fashionable things...including underwear. I always bought it at Victoria's Secret, Gap, etc. One day, Mr. Allan made a comment about a pair of underoos that really hit below the belt. As I was folding laundry and folding some boyshort striped deal from the Gap, he asked if I remembered the gum by the name of Fruit Stripes. I did, but had no idea what it had to do with the laundry I was folding. He then told me that my choice of underwear reminded him of the Fruit Striped Zebra in the commercials.

With my mouth to the floor, I tried to defend myself--it's not like I'm wearing Fruit of The Loom or Hanes Her Way Briefs for crying out loud. My underwear did not have as much material as a parachute and were far from anything that can be defined as granny panties. But, a change was needed because I was not going to have my undergarments associated with a chewing gum animal. That's when I found the best thing that's happened to my underwear drawer in a while...Hanky Pankys. I'm not sure where I read, heard, or found out about them, but once I bought a pair, there was no turning back.

So the question you're all asking is probably, what's the big to do about these. They're way more fashionable than anything you'll find at the Gap, they're insanely comfortable, and they make you feel skinny. That's right...s-k-i-n-n-y. No elastic bands digging into you and you'll never worry about the dreaded panty lines on the back of your pants (I'm not sure why people don't make a bigger effort to make sure they don't have them. As someone who wears a suit to work daily...I can attest to the many fashion faux pas panty lined ladies in the corporate world...that's almost as offensive as the ole bright white sneakers with a suit).

Some may gripe at the pricetag (typically around $15/pair) but it's money well spent, as they last forever. I've quickly come to realize that no modern woman should have a graphic picture or print on they're undergarments. So, do yourself and your significant other a favor and get yourself into a pair of Hanky Pankys.

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