Monday, May 17, 2010

The highlight of American Idol

I've always been a big fan of the show. Mr. Allan groans, puts his IPod on, or leaves the room when it comes on. He does a great impression of Randy Jackson when he's in his "dawg" mode doing the chest punch.

But...this season has been disappointing. I liked Siobhan because she was different...but the top ten has been, well, a bit dull and boring. Kind of like eating vanilla ice cream with no toppings..its a little blah. To be brutally honest, the whole season has been a bit of a snore for me and I get through Wednesdays only because I know Glee is on next!

Last week produced a moment for me. Lee and Crystal singing their duet "Falling Softly".

When the Top Ten Tour rolls around to my area, I must say, I probably won't be indulging in tickets this year , but I did enjoy this duet and it was probably the best song of the whole season!

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