Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Time for another What I'm Loving Wednesday wtih!

First up...I'm loving the coffee specials at Dunkin Donuts. I'm like a little squirrel stocking up on my coffee around this time of year. The sales for Christmas are always great and I find myself buying bag after bag to brew at home for months to come! Right 3 get a bag free! It's kind of funny when it comes to coffee..if I need a pick me up during the day, I never head to Dunkin, yet it's all I brew at home. Normally, if I'm out, I'm a Starbucks girl, but I hate their actually coffee!
I'm also loving this tinted lip treatment by Fresh! It came as a sample in a Sephora order of mine. Usually lip tints that aren't lipsticks sometimes have a weird colored tint to them. When I saw that this color was named Rose..I thought it probably wouldn't work with my coloring and be too pink. However, this goes on like a luxurious chapstick and there's only a tiny hint of color..enough to make you feel like you have something on, but not caked down with a heavy lip color!

Also...a new shampoo someone suggested to me...Fekkai Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner...I'm in's doing wonders for my thick wavy hair that I straighten everyday. Since I started using it, my hair just doesn't have that beat down stop straightening and drying me every day feeling!

lastly...I'm enjoying all things Christmas! Finally, I feel like the holidays are here. This past weekend we went to a tree lighting at Bowen's Wharf in Newport, RI. Only in Rhode Island are our trees topped with star fishes!


  1. Love the starfish topper! Hahhaa

  2. I wonder if the fekkai shampoo would work for me. I have curly hair but it sometimes feels really dried out. Especially during the holidays (the only time I use heat on it - it never looks good, it looks like I burnt it) :/