Friday, December 2, 2011

My Sephora Top 10

in no particular order....
1. Urban Decay's NAKED palette (LINK)
Hands down the best eye shadow investment I've ever made. My sister and a couple friends have bought it as well and love it just as much as I do. I'm a brunette with greenish hazel eyes and I use almost every color in this palette. It comes with a tiny bottle of their primer potion, which I love as well, and totally worth the $40 something dollar price tag 
2. Clarisonic Skin Care Brush (LINK)
My friend suggested this to me. She had one that she received as a Christmas gift and really really liked it. I have my fair share of complexion woes and I love this. I use it primarily at night after I take off my make up and wash my face with this before I go to bed. It reminds me of the deep cleaning you get when you go for a facial. I'm one who would wash my face and never get that really clean scrubbed feeling..this does the trick. I also have skin that gets really dry in some places (mostly my nose) during the winter and find that cleansing with this helps cut down on the flakiness. If you don't want to go for the regular sized one, there's also a smaller sized one called the Mia for about $80 less! I also use my normal face wash with this..while the samples from Clarisonic were nice..any facewash will do. I once did try it with my face success!

3. Lancome Definicils Mascara (LINK)
This is my go to mascara. I've tried tons of different brands..from Maybelline's Great Lash that everyone calls the best and who can beat it at $4 a tube...sorry didn't give me the length I the cult following that Diorshow Mascara has...flaked on me and really bothered my eyes. I always go back to Lancome Definicils. It lengthens and it's not a mushy mascara that I find under my eye in an hour or two. I love the way it stiffens on my a contact lens wearer that's important so I'm not constantly feeling like my make up is flaking into my eye. They do have the new Definicils Precious my opinion the original is better..the Precious Cells had a clay like feel on my lashes I didn't care for.

4. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder (LINK)
I've never been a huge bronzer person. In the summers in New England, I'm usually sporting a tan and in the winter I went with the white face and blush look...once I started using this, I quickly found out how the latter look wasn't working for me. I use this as an a quick all over face powder to give me a little color. I went with the light since my skin is fair and I don't believe it looks like that tacky bronzer painted on look that many ladies are sporting and adds that little ooomph I need to get thru the winter pasty white months.

5. Dior Airflash Foundation (LINK)
A couple girls recommended this to me. During the summer months, I typically wear a sheer tinted moisturizer. My goto brand has been Laura Mercier. However, once the tan has faded and I need some more coverage..the tinted moisturizer just doesn't cut it. This foundation is fabulous. I've never used a product with such great coverage. It does take a couple tries to find a way that you're comfortable applying it. Some spray it right on their face, I spray it on a kabuki brush and then apply it to my face. It does have a big price tag, so I don't wear it daily and usually use it once a week and for special nights out. Once in a while I do get some dryness from it and will take a break. I have read reviews with people complaining about breakouts as well since there's a small amount of oil in it. If your skin can handle this, you'll be hooked!

6. Fresh Brown Sugar Face Polish ( LINK)
The most amazing face scrub I've ever used. I love Fresh products and this is my favorite by far. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. It smells so good and does the job. The tiny sugar crystals exfoliate your face so well. No other face scrub/exfoliater that I've tried comes even close to this one.
7. Make Up Forever HD Finishing Powder (LINK)
I tend to have a shinier face...once I put on concealer and foundation, I need a little something over it to help it set in and last me the day. I was using Bare Minerals Mineral Veil but got frustrated with it. Those stupid little tops would snap off on me and the stuff was everywhere in my make up case. If any got on my one tiny speck never comes off for me. I read reviews about this finishing powder and love it. It sets everything in and is a bit lighter than the mineral veil. It is a little powdery..when I swirl my brush in it, I get a little dust..but for what it does..that's a very minor downfall!

8. Clinque City Block Everyday Sunscreen (LINK)
I wear this sunscreen every single day. It doesn't matter if it's 80 and sunny or -10 degrees and a blizzard out. I never leave the house without sunscreen on. This is light enough to put right over my moisturizer, doesn't clog pores, make you greasy or shiny, and protects you against harmful rays. A daily staple for me and if you're not wearing sunscreen and care about wrinkles or think the spf in your foundation is probably isn't!
9. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light (LINK)
I think the same friend that recommended the Dior Airflash led me to this primer as well. You might not think you need a primer, and some may not, but if you find yourself looking in the mirror at lunch time thinking where did my foundation might work for you. I feel like this primer is light enough...I moisturize, suncreen, prime, then comes the make up. the same as the Clinque doesn't clog pores or make my skin feel heavy and creates a nice blank canvas before I put my make up on.

10. Urban Decay Primer Potion (LINK)
I started using this once I purchases my NAKED palette. The times I haven't used it, I usually get the dreaded eye shadow crease or the colors I so carefully put on are just mushed together and create one. One tube might seem expensive but goes a very long way. I think I'm going on month 5 with my current tube and I use this everyday I wear eyeshadow..which is typically 6 out of the 7 days a week. They also have some tinted primers...I purchased one this summer and loved it..gave a little extra shimmer that I loved for the summer months!

It was quite hard to narrow down my list to just 10 things...maybe I'm a Sephora whore..but I love all things make up and body product related. There were quite a few items that should get an honorable Nars Blush in Orgasm, Laura Merciers Secret Concealer, Bliss Body Butter, L'occitane hand cream, Clinique Chubby Sticks, Rosebud Salve...ahh the list goes on and on!

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