Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Freaky weather weekend

this past weekend an October Nor'easter snow storm hit New England. It was all over the news...high winds, up to a foot a snow, all before Halloween. The forecasters were predicting tons of power outages since all the leaves are still on the trees..if you add snow on top of that..branches would be down everywhere.

Here in RI...the storm was a big bust...sure it was windy, we woke up to an inch of snow, but by noon the day after the storm...RI looked like this..

a big let down on the winter weather front..

So, on Sunday morning, I packed up my Toyota Corolla and headed up to Western, Ma. My mom recently had knee surgery and just go home. I was AMAZED at what a difference a 2 hour ride could make! Trees were hanging down in the travel lanes of the MA Pike and once I got off my Mom's exit...it looked something like this...

My mom lives 5 minutes off the exit...with all the roads impassable, it became a thank god for navigation on my phone white knuckle drive there. I probably ran over more powerlines than I should have and was very grateful for my compact car that could make it under lots of bent over trees. I couldn't get over the amount down in my mom's yard or the huge tree hanging directly on her power lines.

Needless to say...there was no power at Casa de Mom. I was having evil flashbacks to Hurricane Irene where we had no power or water for 5 days. Glad this was packed...once again..my Kindle and cover with light to the rescue.....

The one difference between this power outage and the one during Hurricane Irene...it was COLD in western, ma....I woke up yesterday morning to a house that was 50 degrees...and this one on my chest looking for some body warmth!

Still no power at my mom's house...so we went to her doctor's appointment, packed up the car, and I'm so thankful she decided to come to RI for a bit. I certainly enjoyed not sleeping in 3 t-shirts, a fleece, and 3 blankets last night!

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  1. There's no power at my coworkers house, she's just 45 minutes from me and got 11 inches of snow versus our 3. Where is Fall?!