Sunday, November 27, 2011


Your Amazon app for my HTC Evo is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

So this is how my Sunday went....I woke up to my fluffy cat Davie chewing on the bag that my mom's birthday gift was in. For some reason this cat has an obsession with chewing on plastic bags and then immediately puking them up for me...usually on the white bedroom rug because he's a good boy like that. I fed the fluffy kids, made coffee, wandered down our insanely long driveway to get the Sunday paper hoping that no neighbors were up since I looked scary and failed to put on a bra that early in  the morning.  Then, Mr. Allan got up. We read the paper and then I made some pretty kick ass omelets with the random crap in our fridge leftover from Thanksgiving. They turned out to be spinach, prosciutto, Gruyere omelets...tres good. Then I decided that I felt like a fat bastard from eating all weekend and got ready for the gym. I're probably wondering where my app comes into play..we're almost there.

I get the the gym at 10:25 for the 10:30 yoga class to learn that new management has tweaked the gym schedule and classes now start at 10:35. I know, stupidest new management idea ever. I roll out my mat, take off my cute yoga-esque sweatshirt score from Ann Taylor Loft and nicely arrange my Tory Burch flats at the end of my mat. 25 people are there with me and 10:35 turns into 10:45. I got to observe some strange people in the class since the lights were on. There was the yoga couple..the husband and wife who decided to help each other with handstands and then make out. There was also the weird lady wearing pajama pants to yoga, and then the girl who didn't realize that the ultra low rise exercise pants weren't for her shape and had her thong hanging out and showed us a continuous 3 inches of butt. So, I decided to go up to the desk and ask if the teacher is coming. The super nice ladies there snapped at me that she wasn't answering her cell phone and they had no more info than I had. Thank you ladies..very helpful. I go back and tell my yoga class buddies the info...5 more minutes pass and I start thinking about Target. I roll up said yoga mat and said aloud to my class...Screw this, she's not coming, I'm going to Target!

While driving the 5 minutes to Target, the radio stations were full of Christmas tunes. I found myself fa-la-la-ing along and totally in the Christmas spirit even though it was 55 degrees in RI and I was wearing no coat. I decided that not only would I get the frozen peas, whole wheat flour, and Frederick Fekkai shampoo on my list...but I would start Christmas shopping! I grabbed a couple of my favorite things for my sisters, some Star Wars stuff for my nephew...he's 4 and I don't think he can read..never mind read my blog to ruin his Christmas gift surprise. Then, a book for my father in law. Suddenly it occurred to me...tomorrow is Cyber Monday...what if I can get these things cheaper online. I then went to my app..told you we'd get to this info soon! It made me click for an update...I browsed the magazines and bingo...upload and update complete. I looked up the book title on Amazon...$5 cheaper than Target..oh my. Then my Amazon app asked me if I wanted to SCAN the bar codes to compare prices....of course I hit the TRY IT button. I scanned everything in my nifty cart minus the peas and flour and over half of the items were cheaper on This Scanner is the best.idea.ever!!!!!! I put back the item, checked out and loaded my little Toyota Corolla.

As I loaded my Target bags into the car, I noticed I forgot to put back the book!!! Being the savvy money saving and money conscious, well maybe sometimes, person I am...I marched back into Target and returned it.

I came home, made turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches for myself and Mr. Allan and bought everything on! How do you get this amazing little app...I'm sure all phones..from Iphones to the droids can download it. It was a free app in my little Droid Market that I downloaded and my new Christmas shopping BFF.

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