Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Moisturizer Debate and My New Favorite Beauty Review Website

This weekend I turn the big 3-2. Hard to believe!! Mr. Allan and I just celebrated, well we really just reminisced on the couch, that 10 years ago last week we went on our first date. 10 YEARS!!! That seems sooooo long ago. I was a mere 21 and Mr. Allan was freshly 23. I even remember that on my 22nd birthday he bought me this completely neutral gold fancy Halmark card.

But, once I entered my late 20's and came into the big 30's decade, I started to realize that I need to take care of my skin. I wear sunscreen faithfully on my face everyday (Clinique City Block SPF 40) and I started to look into the dreaded anti aging moisturizers. Seriously--where the hell does one start?? There are so many words tossed around on labels--anit-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, protection against free radicals, spf this and that. A girl gets confused.

It seemed in college, that every girl had their big yellow bottle of Clinique's mositurizer. It just didn't cut it for me. I moved onto Oil of Olay Regenerist, then onto Aveeno. Aveeno was a high scorer for me. It didn't smell like a perfumed up Nana and went on so easily and didn't leave a greasy mess on my face. Then I thought I needed more, and went onto Lancome. It's pricey and, honestly, was no different than my $17 bottle of Aveeno.

I hit home on a shopping spree to Sephora a couple months back. I saw the ads with Courtney Cox, I wandered over and before I knew it, I had samples of Kinerase in my hand.

The first week, my face felt a little greasier. I didn't know if it was because it was humid out, if I'm just naturally an oil slick, but something told me to stick it out. After a week, my skin settled in and I'm hooked on this stuff. My face feels smoother and I think it looks smoother..which is all that's important!

so my new skin regime...

Clinique City Block. I put it on right after moisturizer...can't live without it. It's like wearing your seatbelt..you notice if it's not on.

My new favorite moisturizer....

While I do like Kinerase, I can not lie. This stuff is expensive. I'd put the price but if Mr. Allan reads what it costs, I will be banned from purchasing it ever again.

A website I stumbled upon that I now consult for every major make up/skincare purchase


I love to read real life people's reviews of prodcuts..whether it's worth it to spring for the expensive product etc!

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