Friday, August 27, 2010

Favorite Product of the Week....

I've been a hair funk for the past 6 months. After I got married, I went for the post wedding chop. I was blessed with this strange very curly in the back and bone straight up front thick hair. I can't go without washing it for a day or else I get weird curly hair along my hairline. I also can't go without drying it. I resemble the Ogilve perm girl who stuck her finger in a socket

If you don't know what Ogilvie obviously weren't a child of the 80's

But...after the post wedding chop, I embraced my shorter locks but knew Mr. Allan preferred them long. After the newness of the cut wore off, I missed having long hair to toss about and it was way easier to do yoga poses with my hair in a pony tail vs. flapping in my face. It's been the great grow out for the past 5 months of so. Finally my do can be pulled back. However, I've been struggling with shampoo and conditioner choices. I was a big fan of Trader Joe's Citrus Shampoo. For $3 a bottle, it did the job. However, some bottles are good, others not. I may sound a little crazy..but sometimes it conditions beautifully, other times, I'm stuck with a snarly mess.

I then switched to Kiss my Face. I love that it's an all natural product, but I went through the conditioner at warp speed. I would use one bottle of shampoo in the time I used two bottles of conditioner. I know you're probably saying..hey genius, buy an extra bottle of conditioner...but Target is always out of it, obviously someone's having the same issue as me. product of the week is my new favorite shampoo and conditioner- Bumble and Bumble. It's pricey, but a nice treat I like to indulge in. It conditions well, has a clean feel to it and makes my hair soft. I want to dry and straighten my hair when I use this. This product makes it worth my while. A pet peeve of mine is going out with wet hair or just shoving your hair in a pony tail while wet. Have I done it? Yes. Is there an exception once in a while. Yes. But, it just makes me feel so unkept, like I wasn't worth the 20 minutes in the morning to make myself look nice.
My Target PSA....right now they're selling a twin pack of Shampoo and a twin pack of it's basically buy one get one free!

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