Friday, October 7, 2011

Motivating myself to work out

I've been in a slump got busy, it's getting dark out earlier, and we've been away the past few weekends. The number one area that's taken a hit in my workouts. I'm usually pretty good with getting the gym a minimum of 3-4 times a week. I have my little classes I enjoy, I like to run, and overall really enjoy working out. The hardest part for me is carving out the time and getting my butt to the gym. Once I'm there and once I'm done, I feel so good about myself.

So, in order to get out of my work out rut, I've had to resort to my little tactics to motivate me to get excited and dedicated to a workout schedule again. Here are some little things that get me back in the swing of things...

Re-load the IPOD with new and more current music
I'm ashamed to say that I hadn't put new music on my Ipod in over two's no wonder that I wasn't busting out the door to go for a run when the newest music I had on there was Ashlee Simpson. It took 10 minutes and maybe 10 bucks and a new playlist with current music I hear on the radio has motivated me to run a little more...

Treat yourself to some new workout gear

I have a never ending battle with workout clothes. I can never wear any of the cute tops because they typically have spaghetti straps or a racerback. If you're like me and actually have a chest that requires a good sports bra, you probably feel my pain of the never ending quest to find a top that doesn't show 75% of your sports bra. One quick fix for the work out blues is to usually buy something new..whether its nice running socks or a new pair of pants. I like Old Navy for workout clothes because they're cheap, but I do go back and forth. Their yoga pants have a great fit, but they last me 6 months at best. They stretch out and get terribly faded. So, I was excited to see a new line there that was made out of a different, more durable material.

These are Old Navy's new compression pants. I found them to run a little smaller than their yoga pants and did go up to a size L (I'm a size 8-10 in pants), although now that I think about it, the M probably would've been fine. They're made out of a shinier, sleeker material that workout pants normally are. The website lists them at $26.94, although I grabbed a pair of compression capris with a rouched bottom on clearance for $16. I love the wide low waistband that doesn't give you a muffin top and the material is holding up so much better.

On that same trip I grabbed this hoodie on a whim. I LOVE this stupid thing. It's as thick as a t-shirt but perfect for know when you're running to the gym and don't want to wear just a workout top or tee..this is perfect to throw over it. I'm extremely tempted to grab it in a different color as well!

Splurge on a new beauty product related to your workout

This may sound silly, but sometimes buying a heavy duty lip balm that I know will work well when I'm running in the fall will motivate me. Other times it might be a new headband to keep my hair back..basically if I can tie the product into working out, when I see it, it reminds me that I should be working out! So, last month the product was a new foot cream by LUSH. One thing I love to do as I change into workout clothes is to slather on a nice foot cream before I put my socks and sneakers on. While I work out, my feet are treated to a nice moisturizing workout as well, which prevents ugly dry cracked heels etc.

My choice..Lush's Pied de Pepper foot cream. It's made with cloves and's kind of a like a Christmas party on your feet.

Make a friend at the gym

I've been going to my gym for a couple years. You start to see the same faces around there. So, be friendly and introduce yourself or start some small talk while you wait outside for your class to begin. I'm usually an all business type at the gym. I get there, workout, and get out. I'm not one to walk around etc. I like to do my thing and get home. But, I started talking to a girl I see there often and tends to take the same classes as me. Little things, like saying I'll see you at yoga on Thursday, keep me on track. Why? Because I feel guilty if I don't go on Thursday, and if I'm feeling lazy in a I don't want to drive to the gym or get off the couch mood, knowing that someone is expecting me to be there keeps me on track.

Hang a motivational picture up

This may sound super cheesy...but when I weighed over 200lbs and made the decision that I was going to, once and for all, get rid of the weight, I cut out a picture from the Victoria's Secret Swim Catalog of a twiggy model in a pink bikini and told myself I would wear that bathing suit one day. I think I kept it in my personal binder thing I carried around with me all the time. In that little binder I had my little Weight Watcher's journal and I had that picture I ripped out. Every time I went to write down what I ate, I saw that stupid bikini clad chic. It may sound so silly, but I never wanted her to was like she was laughing at me saying look at me..I'm in a bikini and you're not. I'd like to think I conquered that bikini toting bitch.

 Whether it's a picture of yourself at a skinnier weight that you tack on the fridge or a picture from a catalog of something you'd like to wear but can't at your current weight, setting a goal of some sort will keep you motivated! One thing that killed me when I was overweight was the fact that I LOVED to shop but could never fit into the clothes I really wanted to wear. I'd go on rampages of buying tons of stuff just because I'd find stuff that fit and became the queen of accessories..mostly because a purse, shoes, or necklace isn't sized to make you feel bad!

Start a Motivation Fund

Super cheesy idea #2. If you have a certain amount of weight you'd like to lose, then reward yourself with mini milestones. I used to set aside $10 for every pound I lost. It went into one of those cheesy money jars that read "Hopes and Dreams" or something like that. After 10 or 20 lbs..that's a nice little outfit you earned yourself. Or, if you don't have a bunch of weight to lose but have been eyeing something, give yourself a goal...if you workout 4 times a week for the next month, then reward yourself with that new pair of Tory Burch flats! Whatever works for it!

Life is short. You have this one body you've been given. Why abuse it by overeating and not exercising? Your body is made of a lot of stuff but included are muscles which need to be worked out and taken care of! I look at working out as the maintenance I need to live a healthy, happy life..and you should too.

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