Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's really hard to believe

that 2 years ago today I married Mr. Allan. I can remember everything like it was just yesterday. From sharing the "marital" bed aka the biggest King bed ever in the Buddy Cianci suite at the Providence Biltmore Hotel with my sister the night before the wedding to waking up insanely early and making my way down to the hotel's Starbucks to enjoy a quiet moment with my pumpkin spiced latte. I remember the nervousness that morning as I sat in my white hooded sweatshirt watching the Today show as my fantastic hairdresser, Jen, arrived followed by the make up artist, Kristin. I remember eating whoopie pies for breakfast since the deli thought that fell into the category of pastry appropriate for breakfast and everyone slowly filed into and began to get ready. I remember my awesome photographer, Melissa, and videographer, John, coming in and that's when the action really began. before I knew it, my bridesmaids were dressed and ready to go and I was being laced up into my dress by my mom and sister as my dad looked on. We were piled into the limo and I was standing outside the church with my dad. I remember wanting to take in the moment, not rush down the aisle and I was DYING to see Mr. Allan's face.

My favorite part of the day was our ceremony. It was something our minister really let us create and personalize. We decided to write out own vows and exchanging them was hands down the most memorable moment of our wedding day. I remember not wanting to go first and just sit there with a goofy look on my face as Mr. Allan read his, so we opted to take turns, each reading one at a time. Before we knew it we were husband and wife. We were whisked outside to greet the guests and say hello and had some time gallivanting around the city for pictures. We dropped off the bridal party for cocktail hour and then had an hour to ourselves with the photographers....another favorite time since it slowed the day down.

Then the night began...dancing, toasts, dinner, and more dancing. But, the best thing about that day...was, of course, becoming Mrs. Allan.

So, to help re-live the memories of what took place 2 short years ago...here's a clip from our videographer John Cipolla from http://www.weddingstoriesri.com/. Hands down one of the best decisions we made was to hire a videographer and after watching this clip you'll see why. Tonight, after our dinner out, we'll be snuggling up on the couch with our 3 cats watching this

Holly and Bill from weddingstories on Vimeo.

Because everyone loves all things wedding..here's the day as I remember in photos...all photos are from our fabulous photographer Melissa Robotti...check her out here http://www.melissarobotti.com/ and enjoy remembering the day photo by photo


so what has two years of marriage taught me? I've learned that I married a patient, caring, thoughtful and respectful man. A man who treats me as his true partner and equal. A man who lets me know that my thoughts, ideas and opinions are valuable and important. But, most importantly, a man who is head over heels in love with me and lets me know it every day. Happy Anniversary to my Mr. Allan!

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  1. Happy anniversary!!! What a beautiful wedding, you are gorgeous girl.