Thursday, June 17, 2010

My new best friend

My beloved T3 hairdryer from Sephora bit the bullet a couple weeks ago. I was a bit devastated consider 1) how much it cost and 2) because I really really loved my hair dryer. The T3 made it so easy to straighten  my weird half curly half straight thick weird hair. Did I mention my hair is weird?

So began the search for something to replace it. Sephora was nice enough to give me a store credit, but it was my 2nd T3 since the first one burnt out and smelled like a forest fire every once in a while.

I hopped on A fantastic website with tons of beauty product reviews. If you ever want to try something and don't want to fork out $30 for a mascara you're unsure about, check out that website for reviews on all sorts of products.

The ladies with hair issues  similiar to mine, recommended the Elchim. I then hopped over to They had the hands down best price and free shipping. 2 days later, this beauty landed on my door step.
We've become instant best friends and my Elchim is sooooo much better than my old T3 mostly because it has 1) temperature settings. The T3 was always on super ultra wicked hot. My Elchim has 3 different settings and 2) it's more powerful and cuts my drying time by about 25%.

My only gripe- the straightening nozzle you see in the picture above is a bit small and I got a whole lot of hair to dry. But, for what it does, it's only a minor snaffoo.

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