Friday, June 15, 2012

Time to Place Your Bets!

I have determined that I have willpower made of steel. On Monday we had an ultrasound or as the kids are calling it nowadays...the big anatomy scan..aka the ultrasound where they can tell you if you're baking a boy baby or a girl baby. Mr. Allan and I decided to find out the sex of Baby Allan. It's funny how many "Team Green" people felt the need to send me messages on Facebook urging me to not find out and how it's one of life's only true surprises. I actually think 2 separate messages contained that cheesy line. I reasoned it out that 1) I'm a mad crazy planner 2) I'm easily the most impatient person on Earth 3) I don't want a child doused in ducks, monkeys, yellow and green and 4) parenthood, for us, is going to be life's biggest surprise.

Baby Allan's sex was sealed in an envelope. As soon as we got into Mr. Allan's car I immediately turned to my husband and said..let's open one will know! He promptly locked in his glove compartment.

right before it was locked away...the all important envelope

Our grand master plan..all of our parents and our siblings are coming over for a BBQ on Father's Day. We decided to make it a big reveal and to share the surprise unveiling then. The true test of discipline, will power and strength...Mr. Allan went out of town on business on Tuesday. He had to hand over the envelope to me since our grand master plan included having a cake made by the local bakery with either a blue or pink center. Since he knows I'm a super sleuth, he took the sealed envelope, folded it in half and sealed it in a new envelope.

On Tuesday, I headed to the bakery. It took me a good 20 minutes to explain what we were looking to do. At first, I thought they grasped the concept...but then they asked if I wanted the cake to say "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl." I explained that the surprise would be revealed when we cut into the cake..hence a blue or pink cake inside. They seemed to get it and then asked me if the decorations on the cake should coordinate with what color cake they would make. I wanted to yell..No Dummies! I don't want to open the box and know.I want to cut into the cake and find out. So, we decided the fool proof way they couldn't screw it make the cake decorated in both pink and blue frosting with generic weird baby like decorations all over it. We'll see if the plan works on Sunday morning. If you hear screaming sobs all the way from RI because the surprise is completely ruined after I open the cake box and see a blue cake that says "It's a Boy!," the bakery didn't get my idea. I'm already braced to have them immediately shred the order slip for fear that I will see BLUE or PINK cake on it as well! The biggest kicker of all...the manager of the bakery then took my secret envelope, walked about 20 feet from me and OPENED it! I heard her giggle and it took everything in me not to hurdle the counter and grab the opened envelope from her hands and read it myself. She then walks over and hands ME the open envelope. I kindly asked her to duct tape that shit back together before giving it back to me. I had to run to my car and find the most secure place in there to put it. So, the secret envelope is now zippered safely into my Toyota Corolla owner's manual pouch. I have proudly not found any reason to go into my glove compartment since!

So, we're T - 48 hours or so from finding out. The anticipation is killing me. I must admit, I've been thinking about it all week the point where I even had my first weird pregnancy dream. I dreamt that I went to pick up the cake and the bakery decided to be nice and attach a huge bunch of pink balloons to the cake box. Sure enough, when we sliced into the cake...the inside was pink and it was determined that Baby Allan was a girl. After all our family left, I got ready for bed. My doorbell rang. I answered the door to find the old school rapper, MC Hammer, standing there. He whipped out a gun and shot me in the arm. I woke up gasping and out of breath since I was the victim of a gunshot wound and the stupid dream was so vivid. On the bright's hoping that my dream was right about the sex...and that MC Hammer, if he does come to the BBQ, comes unarmed.

Before you wager your bets and take your's what's baking....

and..even though the most common comment I'm still getting is don't even look pregnant never mind almost 5 months (by the way..commenting on how pregnant someone does or doesn't look or asking them how much weight they have or haven't gained..never a smart idea folks!). Here's my 19 week bump..yes, it's there and yes, the only pictures I can take of myself are usually in our poorly lit work bathroom.

Tune in Monday :)

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