Friday, June 8, 2012

It's hard to believe

that I hit the 18 week mark tomorrow...time has somewhat flown when I think that in 2 weeks I'll be halfway done with this pregnancy...but on the other seems to be creeping by as I wanted to physically harm someone this morning as I dealt with a lethal round of morning sickness that had me whimpering to Mr. Allan who looked at me helplessly as I was on the verge of tears stuffing a sleeve of graham crackers down my throat willing it to go away.

It's also hard to believe that on Monday we have our anatomy scan to see if Junior is a Mrs. Allan, Jr, or a Mr. Allan, Jr. I think both of us are rooting for our own team. We're still in the process of wrapping our heads around the fact that 1) there is a wee baby inside of me and 2) that the wee baby will be our child in about 22 weeks or so. I think mostly because I'm in such a massively awkward stage right now...the stage where people like to tell me that I don't even look pregnant. If I didn't tell you or if I didn't sometimes try to squish myself into my work dresses with pencil like skirts, you probably wouldn't know. But, here's a little bump picture from this week...if you squint your eyes you can make out my after lunch I'm probably more bloat than baby even though I'm puffing out as best as I can bump. Mr. Allan took one this morning..but my weepy I think I'm going to throw up look on my face coupled with the choice of a black dress that made me look not pregnant at all..well, the bathroom self portrait from earlier this week wins out...

But...even more that on Father's Day we'll be hosting our parents and our siblings for a little BBQ. Our master try as best as we can to NOT find out the sex at Monday's ultrasound and instead have it sealed in an envelope..knowing me it needs to be a thick one secured with duct tape...and to find out with our families on Father's Day.

Being pregnant has suddenly made me craftier than Martha Stewart. Instead of roaming the aisles of Target and Marshall's after work looking for good work shoes or a new pair of sandals, I found myself at AC Moore and Michael's making little decorations for our Father's Day/Gender Reveal BBQ. Exhibit A my partially made glitter letter foam backed start of a banner. So place your bets and tune in next week to see if we'll be having a girl to out number Mr. Allan and drive him insane...or a boy that will surely become an absolute mama's boy


  1. Holly you look amazing!!!!!!

    Love your project too - can't wait to find out about Baby Allan!

  2. You look adorable! Love the glitter letters :D

  3. 1. Yes, you look amazing. Compliment well deserved.
    2. That crafty thing just gets worse and worse (note recent photo of CJ and his Hawaii float, it's on my page), honestly, it was lots of fun to do together. ;-)
    3. Hope your morning sickness feels better soon. Try saltines. Take care!! xoxo