Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Fashion!

I watched mainly for the red carpet fashions...and I was rooting for the ladies of The Help and George Clooney because I really really loved the movie The Descendants.

Here were my misses of the evening....

Melissa McCarthy...a lot of fashion blogs are crazy over how great she looked...this reminded me of a grandmother of the bride dress..I'm not a fan of the rouching around her chest..I think the flowy sleeves also make her look wider than she is..

I think she should have taken a couple notes from Octavia Spencer's stylist...although she might not be toothpick thin like Angelina Jolie..she looked fabulous playing to her strengths and accentuating the right areas

I'm a huge fan of J-Lo's but didn't love this dress..everyone else went for this old Hollywood glamour and I thought she stuck out a little with the plunging necklace. I also feel like she wears her hair like this to every award show.

I didn't love Meryl Streep just seemed like a lot of gold material..

especially when there was one other golden girl on the red carpet to compare to Meryl...and she hit it out of the park...Here's Stacy about a good looking couple!

Other favorites....

RI's own Viola Davis...loved the color and loved how she showed off those killer arms and shoulders!

Michelle Williams...another the color, the style and the texture...

Emma Stone..I loved this look!

I also loved Gwenyth Paltrow's simple look in white...

While most will probably put Angelina Jolie on the best dressed list...I wasn't a fan...this girl needs to eat a meal or two...I think she's just too's nice to rock a high slit like that but I'm all set seeing her bony leg.

My other miss of the evening...Billy Crystal...I think his ship has sailed with hosting the Oscars...I just didn't find him to be that funny or entertaining and thought there were more awkward pauses than laughs!


  1. I agree with you for the most part, though I do think Melissa McCarthy looked good. I didn't like J Lo's and I did not like Angelina Jolie's, but I really don't like her in general so I'm a bit prejudice there. I have to give her props for not dressing like an old lady like she normally does though. haha

    I loved Emma Stone's and Michelle Williams though, they looked great!

  2. That green on Viola Davis was GOREGEOUS! I would kill for her arms!