Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More from Sedona...

After the holidays settled down, it became quite apparent that we needed to get away..for a night, a weekend..anything. We usually do a big vacation in February to get out of the cold New England weather. While we talked and talked about heading to Puerto Rico, I just never planned anything and before we knew it, it seemed too late to go. Then, I finally the bullet. As we moved further and further into January, I thought..screw it..we're going somewhere. I logged into Mr. Allan's frequent flyer accounts with all the different airlines he flies on a weekly basis and randomly picked Arizona as a nice place to go. Why? Because Delta would get us there for free and I've been to Vegas and loved that dry heat, so I'm sure I'd love Arizona as well.

Approximately 3 weeks before we left, we planned this trip. Tickets were booked and it moved onto a place to stay...Sedona seemed like a talked about breath taking beautiful place, so Sedona it was....

I can't say I disagree...coming from the East Coast, the terrain was just so different from where we live and I loved it!

The trip was filled mostly with long days of hiking. One thing I loved about Arizona, it was filled with people who spent most of their time doing activities outside. People that were health conscious and there was such a big focus on taking care of yourself.

Once we hiked Brins Mesa we decided to leave a little note that we were there

 One thing I loved about the trip..being outdoors, exercising, and enjoying the beautiful scenery around us.

I also ate the best turkey sandwich in the whole world...turkey, lettuce, cream cheese, sprouts, sunflower seeds, avocado and a dash of cranberry sauce on whole wheat bread @ Sedona Memories

There was also some touristy things to do...we hopped on the Pink Jeep Tour...I didn't realize a Jeep could climb some of the mountains we did!

Mr. Allan and the ducks at the hotel....every morning at 8am, the hotel had a duck feeding along the creek. We grabbed coffee, wandered outside and fed the ducks. Might sound a little silly, but I really enjoyed watching how much my husband loved these stupid ducks.

As usual, the trip was too short, but we made the most of it. We flew across the country and back in 4 short days. We set out to hike the trails we chose and even fit in some decent hot tub time with Mr. Allan's smuggled in bottle of Wild Turkey and the way overpriced $18 glass of pinot grigio. While it may have been somewhat of a whirlwind was just what the Allans needed!

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