Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Fridays!

It's time for Fun Fridays with Jen from A Girl In Pearls and a Boy with Toys!

So what's in store for the Allans this weekend? Not too much..and it feels good saying that! Summers in New England are WAY too short. I hate to say it, but I really hate having plans every single weekend..especially those that require us to travel out of town...only because we have 3 months (if that!) of nice hot weather and I hate how weekends start filling up! We work hard to make our yard and home nice and sometimes I just want to sit and enjoy it and do nothing but stay at home!'s a Friday office day at work! I love these because 1) I SELDOM get a day where I don't have to go over to court and don't have to wear a suit. 2) My office is starting to resemble a pig sty. 3) There are lots of voicemails to return and paperwork that needs to be tended to! 4) it allows me to plan a nice leisurely lunch with my friend A and hit up the Nordstrom's dress sale!
Just for the record I'm most excited about #4...maybe a quick lunch in the Nordstrom cafe as well!

I was just explaining to Mr. Allan why I love Nordstroms. I tried to tell him what it's like to just try on a dress you're assisted by staff, how nice the dressing rooms are with their 3 way mirrors and platforms in the actual dressing room itself so you get to see how you really look in the dress, and how it's just so much nicer and better...I don't think he got it, but that's ok...I'm in well equipped I totally get company today!'s a trip to the gym in the morning then off to the farmer's market to pick up our CSA from a local farm!

Here's a link to a previous post about the CSA we participate in. Click HERE. Sorry that some pictures from the old post are functioning! Hands down a great decision that some great friends got us involved in and we look forward to our monthly meat pick ups at the farmer's market!

We're also off to a little garden party soiree with some friends on Saturday night. The forecast is calling a for a perfect summer day. I'm excited to throw on a sundress and hang with these guys!

Hopefully the weekend will bring some sitting in the sun, lots of glasses of wine in my hand, and plenty of time with friends!

Have a great weekend!

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