Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back from a little vacation

Every year, we travel to Martha's Vineyard for a summer vacation. I've known Mr. Allan for 10 years and this was our 8th trip together. We missed one summer because I was taking the bar exam, but have faithfully gone every summer with around 30-40 of our closest friends.

We usually camp in the Martha's Vineyard Campground. I'm not known for my camping skills and am typically made fun of for the large number of shoes I pack as well as my hairdryer.

After two consecutive years with pouring rain in  a tent, I could not go to this beautiful picturesque area and sleep in a tent again. So we rented a house with a few of our friends.

My boss found these cocktail napkins and it really because my mantra for the trip.

Here's a nice typical Vineyard shot...

Here's the crew at the beach. There's nothing better than hanging out on a beach, drinking a cold beer, with 20 of your great friends. While I love RI, nothing beats the Martha's Vineyard beaches..there's more space and you don't have people on top of you.

Bridge jumping at State Beach. This bridge was made famous by the movies Jaws. Everyday people flock to it and leap off of it.

Mr. Allan taking a leap

Enjoying the beach with my sisters...look closely and you'll see some of the locals in the backgrround that frequent Gayhead.
The 3H club in the tiny fishing town of Menemsha

So, we're back. Going back to work was a rude awakening. Sometimes it's more troublesome on the job front to take a week off. You come back to voicemails, emails, and problems galore. This summer, Mr. Allan has been traveling like a madman. He's been flying home on weekend and has probably had 3 full weeks home since Memorial Day. Our Martha's Vineyard trip is all about relaxing on the beach and enjoying our friends. So, mission was accomplished. It was nice to have my sisters along for a weekend and we'll certainly be back next year.

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