Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday and time for What I'm Loving Wednesdays with !

Here's what I'm loving this week....

Neutrogena's Naturals Pore Scrub. This was one of my sister's Favorite Things for Christmas this year. (Here's a LINK explaining our Favorite Things Christmas Tradition). This scrub smells fantastic and it's all no chemicals or additives to harm or irritate your skin.

Even works so perfectly with my Clarisonic Skin Brush. I love a good scrub but most got all gunked up and stuck in the brush of my Clarisonic. This one works perfectly and gives me a good just like I get when I go for a facial!
During the holiday break, Mr Allan was away for a few days. This gave me lots of time to watch some bad tv. Thank God for On helped me discover so many shows I feel like I've been missing! One of them...Scouted on E!. It's the reality show where model scouts submit their local models to a team from One Management in NY for the opportunity to be signed. Mostly I just like to see these average teens and their transformation and ultimately what the experts think and whether they'll make it in the modeling world or not!

And, of course we can't forget that this show is back on...The bad bad bad addiction. Every season I complain about the 2 hour long episodes, the crazy chicks, the same lines that Chris Harrison uses...yet I watch. I didn't think I'd get into this year because I wasn't a Ben fan on the Bachelorette and I don't think he's this outstandingly handsome guy that merits having 25 girls drooling over him. But, kudos to ABC for putting it on right in the New Year when everything is a rerun and there's been nothing on TV because of the holiday.

I've been doing more than just laying on my couch watching reality tv...I've also been reading like a mad woman. My Kindle has truly been one of the best things I bought in the past year. It has made one of my great accessible. It's always in my purse and I've read more in this past year than I have in quite some time. The latest good read... Rich Boy by Sharon Pomerantz

I really enjoyed this book. I hadn't heard about it or stumbled upon it through my many searches. I think I saw a review on some one's blog and downloaded it to my Kindle. A great story about a kid who grew up with not a lot and goes on to live quite the different lifestyle.

Come check out what I'm reading on Good Reads...a great site to keep tabs on what you and your friends are reading! My GoodReads Bookshelf


  1. I have heard great things about the pore scrub!!!

  2. I've never tried Clarisonic, but maybe I should, since I've heard a lot of good things about it. :)